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   Your Data Tweaked to Perfection

Would you rather have perfect data or a perfectionist preparing your data?

Why choose?
We give it to you both ways!

PMC's extraordinary data processing staff takes ownership of your data, paying painstaking attention to each field and relationship. With more than 40 years of combined proven technical expertise in the direct mail industry, we offer a wide range of custom coding - making your campaign even more targeted and effective.


  Data Processing Services and Capabilities:

Always the most recent version of Postal Requirements and Software

Media Capabilities
 - 3 1/2" Diskette (PC format)
 - E-Mail
 - FTP
 - CD & DVD

Zip +4 Conversions
  Using the latest software to         match current Postal Requirements

Database Revisions/Adjustments
     - Upper/Lower Casing of Data
     - Punctuation
     - Address Expansion and           Standardization
     - Genderization
     - Custom Coding for Tables, and
        Variable Data
     - Custom Coding for Complex Projects

CASS Certification Processing
  Using the latest software to match current
  Postal Requirements for:
     - Zip+4 Automation
     - Carrier Route

  National Change of Address Updating


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