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Getting Started With PMC...

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Getting started ...

Step 1...itís up to you -

Step 2...we review with you -

Step 3...we put it in writing -

Here's how to start with us ...

Step 1

The first step you must take is to communicate the approximate size of the mailing, the base construction of the mail package and whether you want to furnish all materials, part of the materials, or if you want to have the materials printed to your specifications. 

We will be happy to quote the project with production and stationery items separate. If you have more than one mailing in mind over a several month period, please let us know. This allows us to price more competitively, and gives you the benefit of volume printing. 

All the basic questions to enable a complete price quotation must be anticipated. If you wish, pick up the telephone and we'll discuss the information with you at area code
434-239-9248, email them to us, or fax your specs to 434-239-4110

Under normal circumstances, three weeks is the time allocated from inception of a project, to it's delivery to the post office, inception being the point of agreement with the client as to all specifications of the package, and written agreement by a Job Authorization format. 

Step 2

Preparatory planning prior to the three weeks is usually three to four days. We operate from a backout schedule discussed with you on each job. The actual day to day communication involving text approval/changes, print bluelines, etc., is handled through a production coordinator in conjunction with the client's project coordinator. Our coordinator is assigned to a particular client, and remains the same on all future projects. 

All of your printing is approved by you BEFORE we press. All text setup for letters, etc. is approved by you TWICE. Approval at initial setup and AGAIN before we start production, you see everything again, showing you a live merge of data and text. All of your approvals and changes are maintained for reference, from project to project.

It is felt that this is very important in maintaining continuity in the working relationship. You must direct us as to paper and print specifications, furnish camera ready art when available, letter text, signature for application to letter, and mailing file information. If there is a less expensive way to produce your mailing, we'll make that suggestion. If you have an idea for a mailing and have been told..... "no way!", let us hear about it. It probably CAN be done!

Step 3

If you can conceive the project, furnish the data, we can make it happen. The methods of file/data transfer are diskettes, CD, FTP transfers, or by email.

To price the services of mail production in general is difficult, due to the variables involved. However, an approximate cost of a project can be furnished in less than twenty-four hours, usually the same day, and we can confirm total price in writing within forty-eight hours. The price of the project quoted will be complete, varying only when you change specifications or add an item after contract agreement.

Anatomy of Your Mailing

Your cost will be affected by the following six parts of a mailing. The price quoted to you for a mailing will be a "Per Thousand" price. With the count for a mailing static, increases in services, materials or even printing will cause the "Per Thousand" price to increase as well. When the count decreases, the price will also fluctuate accordingly.


1. Count This is the actual number of people that are in your mailing list file. This figure is the multiplier for purchasing materials and for the printing and production of your personalized pieces. The amount of postage necessary for the package, and for the invoice of the package at the "Per Thousand" price that is quoted, is based on this count.

2. Materials The brand name, quality and weight of the paper that you choose for the package can vary the cost of the package appreciably.

3. Printing The printing available to you from PMC is of the highest quality, including typesetting, graphic art work, and even color corrections.


4. Mailshop This covers folding, inserting, application of the client's postage, bulking, and post office delivery. Whether the package is one personalized piece, or four personalized pieces - our quality control process of checking every fifteenth piece for accuracy, insures a correct mailing. Undeliverable pieces due to insufficient data on your file are returned to you by PMC for corrections to your file. You may also choose live stamps or metered postage for your mailings. We can also get you a permit for a printed indicia, if you prefer.

5. Services This area of cost includes the loading and conversion of the client's data file, and segmentation of data, letter text setup, postal presorting, splitting/genderizing, expansion of streets and punctuation, creation of Zip+4, gift amount tables, multiple ask amounts, references to previous gift amounts (last, largest, etc.), formatting of data for processing equipment, and the actual document text setup and personalization.

6. Postage This cost is controlled by the United States Postal Service. The classifications of mailing and the manner in which the mailing is produced can offer great savings in postage costs. Proper and efficient extension of a mail file to Zip+4, coupled with postnet barcoding for full automation can greatly decrease your postage cost.




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